Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Windows Reveal So Much

  Today I am going to post pictures of an ATC swap I hosted on the Milliande Art network.  The theme was "Windows".   In the beginning I thought it would be a way for me to give back a little to this wonderful community of creative women who have shared so much with me creatively and personally.  Somewhere in the middle I realized that I was receiving so much from each woman who personally created cards and even sent wonderful extra pieces of ephemera along for me to use later in other creations.

 I loved opening up each envelope and package to see what treats for the eye they held and where they came from. Each one revealed a unique idea, but centered around the "window" theme. Some opened, some gave a view through plastic or gauzie fabric, some with cut-out sections, and others with sketched details. Colored, painted, inked, drawn, glued, sewn, stamped,  folded, and printed, each one so special I had a hard time deciding which to keep and which to send on.  

 I tried to save them all in my basket so that none would be misplaced.  A basket full of mail- treasure!
I would like to personally thank Kit Bauer, Sonja Milojevic, Dove Clark, Dawna, Barbara Dyrda, Anne Trudell, Kalona, Ruth Dailey, Monika Schmid, Pam Parker, Cindy Riordan, Pam Zirbel, Julka Vlajic, Sue Horsley, Christine Stuart, Patricia Gonzalez, Mary Larner, and Mary Austen for participating in my first hosted swap.

My own ATCs for this swap by cutting a 7"x2 1/2" piece of watercolor paper in half and inking it with a few layers to make a soft background. Then carved my own stamp from rubber for the front and cut part of the eye out so that it would be a little window. The stamps on the inside are some of my favorite stamps from other designers.


  1. Wow, that is quite some swap, such a wonderful array of work x

  2. Wonderful swap! I personally love's like my own personal "play time" and separate from other larger art projects! Love your carved stamps, came out awesome....that is a project that is waiting in the sidelines for me next year, for sure! Wonderful post, too!!

  3. Coleen again, following you in both spots now. Hope you follow on mine. It helps me to remember to come back and visit here.

    Blessings, Coleen in Ukraine

  4. You did a wonderful job Patty,thank you so much for hosting.

  5. I'm so glad you had fun Patty, it was a great swap, a great theme! I understand what you mean when you speak about the Milliande community, I feel the same way! Every day I am thankful for it!
    And I love your hand carved stamp! It is gorgeous! :)

  6. Patty, you are a brave soul for hosting this! They are all so beautiful, I understand why you had a hard time choosing. I really like your idea of the folded ATC. I've been pondering the idea of carving my own stamps...

    It was fun talking with you yesterday at Tivoli Village. I know we'll meet up again. Take care!

  7. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog. You are the best.


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