Thursday, March 8, 2012

Painting up a Storm

    Last week I attended the Creative Painting convention, which happens here every year about this time. The convention took place at the Tropicana Hotel, but I slept in my own bed.  After all, it's only 25 minutes away.  There are so many exciting classes going on and a tempting trade floor to stroll, that I had a hard time deciding where to go next. I had a great time taking a few classes during the convention and one the Saturday before. 

 Here are two that are works-in-progress. The butterfly basket was a class with Lynne Deptula and amaryllis box with Ginger Edwards.
 I painted this blooming iris on a textured canvas with Diane Trierweiler, whose work I really admire. The canvas surface has a rough texture that was applied with a palette knife. It was an interesting experience to work on this gritty texture. 
I did finish my Song Sparrow painting with Shirley Koenig, even though she is a quick painter and am very happy with my new little bird painting. It was such a fun week and I even managed to learn a thing or two about painting technique.
Domino kitty is enjoying her new post by the window and naps in this snuggly spot whenever most mornings. 

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