Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life is Always Changing

Time, seasons, technology, nature, life...everything is in a constant state of flux. I love the change in the seasons and Fall is my favorite time of the year. Love getting out all my Autumn and Halloween decorations. Now if only the weather would co-operate and cool down.
I had never made an inchie, so I braved this swap challenge on the Milliande network, hosted by Lois Lugg. I do like the sparkly nylon net and buttons.  While crafting these tiny pieces, I decided that it was definitely not my favorite format. Lol! I sent them off in the post, with wishes that they have a safe journey to Lois.

Meanwhile my studio is undergoing some big changes too. This wall used to separate my studio from a bedroom downstairs. The doorway shows the hallway into the main house.
This is a view into the old studio. I'm afraid my studio looks a little like a episode of "the horders" show, but I promise it's going to be very organized once we get it done. And I cannot wait to get going on the sorting and organizing.


  1. Patty I really love your inchies! Gorgeous!!! And I know your studio will look great! Can't wait to see the photos once it's finished! :)

  2. like your layered inchies..I have always found inchies terribly difficult so admire these

  3. Love the inchies and envy that studio space.

  4. Thank you for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. You are so important to me.

  5. Love your inchies! How lucky you are to be expanding your studio space...I love the fall too and taking out all the's supposed to cool down later this week....enjoy!

  6. Inchies turned out great, but I agree, it's an awfully small "canvas."

    Building a studio is exciting. I remember when mine was underway. Thanks for sharing with us on the "Magical" group.

    Coleen in Ukraine


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