Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beginning the New Year with some new ideas

   The first day of the year should be celebrated with something new and fun, so here's my take on that idea. 
  I have resolved to make more art this year. And have several ideas rolling around in my head.  Number one is to find a way to make several designs in a repeated fashion, so that I could create cards easily.  So that is how this hopeful little bird with a heart shaped message to deliver for the new year came about.

Carving the linoleum was a challenge, because the linoleum is a bit hard. And  I hope it does not look too primitive.   I used some acrylic gouche paint for my print and made several postcards for a birthday card swap  I am in on Milliande.

Another new thing I learned is how to upload pictures from my phone and post them on my laptop.  So although I am without my regular computer and scanner,  I will be able to get back to blogging.
Yay! for bright New year! I am on my way to some new creative explorations.
Happy New Year everyone!

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