Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adding to the collection...

"Curious Kitten"


"Tiger Kitten"
These friendly fellows were painted last week.  They were a delight to paint. My picture references came from some vintage postcards passed on to me from a friend. They are not exact copies, but sparked my interest because of those dear little creations from long ago. But they don't bat at the birds outside the window or demand that you lay perfectly still in the bed!!

They can be found at my personal gallery upstairs at the Dinosaurs and Roses resale shop in Las Vegas.


  1. How adorable!! And how cool...I have 2 calico's!! My oldest: CattNipp, is 10+yrs and diabetic!! She is awesome! The other one, found us in our garage remodel in 2007-she is a regular white calico!! Yay you!!

  2. Patty, I love your gorgeous painted kitties!!:-) My calico "Lindabear" has just turned 16 and looks like the long haired version of your kitty:-) xoxo


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