Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Still Life with Reflections

Here is my latest painting "Still Life with Reflections".  I have always been in love with pattern, and that is why I decided to create a subtle pattern in the background.  It's just to give an impression of wallpaper. 

This painting was done with acrylic gouche, which I love working with because it's fun to use in so many ways.  It works on so many surfaces and can be used for many effects. Anyways, here's the beginning of my painting, which was made with Titanium White and a stencil. I glazed over it a few times so it would fade into the background and not become the focal point of the whole painting.

I took this photo at an angle to reduce the glare. The glass reflections did give me a real challenge, but I am so glad for it.  That pop of strawberry red is really fun. Glazing the table with red, yellow, and green certainly did help to pull the table up in front of the wall. That's just one of the reasons why I like working with gouche.

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