Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Surprise Valentine ATC's (RAAK)

Here are some ATC's I made for some pals in the Milliande Art Community.  I love to check in on this artsy bunch often during the week, sometimes even more than once in a day, to see what's up in their creative worlds.
They are very different and so intriguing and that's why I like to take part in these exchanges.  It's kind of like experimenting with different art or non-art media to see what might happen.
Anyways's my take on the Valentines.  
The smudgy look is just dye-based ink pads that I rub all over the backgrounds and whatever I have for the collage pieces.  I get it everywhere, including my hands and sleeves.  But I'm having fun playing in the stamping media, so I don't care.
For these the base paper was Bristol which I like because it has body and holds up to a lot of  layers of media and doesn't curl too much. And it's inexpensive.

Torn scrapbook papers were glued on white drawing paper, then inked up with ink from StazOn  in Royal Purple and Rubber Stampede/Delta in Crimson.  More ink on my fingertips... There's just no other way to get it on the edges and if there is, I'm too impatient to find it!
Then the final touch was done with ultra thick embossing enamel from my very old stash. It's really time I used this stuff up!  So I liberally sprinkled it around.
So there you have 'em.  Posting them was a whole other story that I posted about on my Facebook page, so I won't post it here. Once they were sent off, I was a very happy Valentine camper.   Now I just have to wait and see  how long their journeys take.  

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  1. I wish I had taken part in this swap Patty they are lovely.


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