Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting in the Springtime Mood

My recent foray into gardening has brightened the front patio quite nicely. This year I was determined to find new perennials that hopefully will last through our blazing summer sun and sometimes winter snaps.

So I picked out some purple and yellow Marguerite daisies, petunias, and lavender to put me in the planting mood. 
Had to set up my blooming angel designed by Shara Reiner and painted by me.  It seemed the perfect setting to greet anyone coming to the house.
I love how my iris and roses are blooming their heads off this year.  Must be doing something right.


  1. Looks WONDERFUL, Patty! Where have you been? Miss catching up with you! Xxx

  2. I come here and see your beautiful floral painting and I'm ,too amazed. Wish I could paint so romatically like you. They are gorgeous

  3. Love the springtime pots, and the painting is wonderful.

  4. I adore that angel, the flowers are beautiful, and your painting always amazes me!

  5. looks so lovely and warm over there in its freezing cold and tulips are fading now but I bought a lovely pelargonium yesterday for a treat


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