Monday, February 6, 2012

Melted Some New Little Trinkets

Made some little pins this month for an Art Pin Swap on Milliande using my melting pot and the embossing gun.  I hadn't used them in so long it took a while to dig it out from under the stash mountain. But what fun!

Recipe for Embossed & Recycled CD Pins
CD- cut into desired shapes, UTEE, 
Bits & pieces of Friendly Plastic
Seed Beads, Sequins
For the backs- Copper sheeting & Pin backs
 Backs must be as pretty as the fronts. Now they are ready to go. Wouldn't you agree?


  1. These are gorgeous Patty! I love the shiny mosaic look!

  2. These are great Patty,do you line your pot? I do but the UTEE always seems to seep underneath.

  3. Love these! Finally figured out how to leave a comment here! DUH....oh yes, it's ME and I am here to award you the Liebster Blog award! Please hop over to my Blog and pick it up and play it forward! I like the idea of an award for a smaller Blog! We might be small...but we can be MIGHTY! Love your work.....always! Hi to Bette, too! Hugs, Kit


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