Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remembering Santa

   I am working on several projects that I cannot reveal just yet because you know, it's Christmas and somethings have to remain a secret for a while. But here is a look back at last year and a special project I had.  
  Last Christmas I painted a gourd and turned it into a special Santa Claus. It is a fun challenge to do because you have to think beyond the front view and come up with a plan for the sides and back of the gourd.  I could have just painted it red and declare it done, but that is just not me.  And I always think it's better when the story is in the details of the project, so here's the story about this particular Santa.
    He was to be a centerpiece for a party and the theme was old time toys at Christmas. The details tell about his personality and what kind of Santa he was.  I did some research on various ideas and came up with some old fashion things that would make him look the part.
Here he is about a third of the way through. You can see how I blocked in major color shapes for my plan. I painted the face early on because it has to go behind the beard, of course and because then it helps to have him staring back at me.  You may think I'm crazy, but it's like he was talking to me and telling me what to do next.
 He's been reading his mail and working on his list, thinking about what who should receive what. That's a feather pen in his left hand.  He's got a gingerbread snack in one pocket and a watch in another so he won't be late.
Like I was saying, I couldn't leave it just red. I wanted to give the back some design too. So he's wearing a cape with blue moons and stars on the trim and a tassel hood.
    I love how he turned out and it was very hard to give him away at the party for the raffle.  But he went to a very good home of my friend. So I know he will be brought out every Christmas and enjoy the celebration.


  1. Very clever Patty ,the paintwork is brilliant.

  2. wow this is superb..hope you have a great christmas and thanks for your visit to my blog

  3. Hi Patricia,
    Your Santa came out beautiful! I just wanted to wish you and yours a warm and happy Christmas Day and a Prosperous New Year 2012. See you soon☺☺☺
    Happy Creating,


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