Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WOYWW.....My First Wednesday Reveal

Well you are probably saying, it's about time I post about my work desk on Wednesday, so here goes.  I don't know what took me so long.  For a while it was a mystery to me what WOYWW really was.  Ha! or Lol, depending on which generation you are from!!

This week I have been working furiously to finish some new pieces for First Friday in the Art District.   Actually not all of them are for FF. I started the little pansy box a few months ago at our painting chapter meeting. And have been thinking about the perfect finish for it. The pansies looked pretty but there was too much empty space left around them. So I solved it with some stenciled leaves and dots for a lacy look. Now all it needs is the latch.

In between coats of varnish on the jewelry box, I finished two Monarch butterfly pictures with ordinary acrylic paint in tubes.   These will be displayed for Friday's Art walk.  Fun to do more than one at a time and sort of bounce back and forth with the paint.
"Visiting Monarch #1" 5x7
"Visiting Monarch #2" 8x10



  1. You look so organized On that desk and the Monarch's are wonderful.I remember in 1990 going to a Beach somewhere in Ontario where the monarch's had gathered it was Magical.

  2. Your paintings and That box are just beautiful and stunning :) Well done Patricia :) Love your blog as well :) Will look forward to more..

    Warm hugs
    Shilpa / Artyshils


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