Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caught the Art Bug

I really caught the art bug this last week at the Art and Soul Retreat in Las Vegas.  It was my first mixed media event like this and I had a blast. Jumped in with both feet and took four classes. Whew!
First one was a little overwhelming. We used  fluid acrylics, watercolor crayons, decorated papers, 3-D objects, and encaustic wax. It was "process overload" and not everyone was able to complete the steps. Personally I think the piece was too big to complete in the time.  I will have to work on this one on my own to finish. A disappointment for me.
Tuesday I took a soldering class which was satisfying, even though my piece shows that I am a beginner. Still I had fun smoothing liquid, hot silver over the charms. 
That evening Steampunk became the focus in the form of a metal shrine. The teacher was generous and it was a great class to take in the evening. I added the finishing touches at home and I plan to make some more.

"Over the Moon" Steampunk Shrine
Thanks to Lesley Venable and her inspiring class.

The bookmaking class on Thursday was super too. I had a great time in this one too, just want to do some more pages before I do the "final reveal".
Whew! I feel like I took a rocket trip to the moon and back- a marvelous mixed media adventure.


  1. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing and sounds like you are having fun!

  2. hello patricia..what a lovely little shrine this is..I like all your layered textured paintings too especially the tree..thanks for visiting my blog and your great comments

  3. I love the shrine Patricia good for you to take all of those classes.

  4. Love your Steampunk piece... wow sounds like wonderful workshops.... fun to visit your blog. blessings~barb

  5. Hi Patricia! Thanks, for you comment and what a blog you have! LOVE this piece! Well done xxx

  6. Hi Patty,
    It's me Paula your Art and Souls classmate. I still have not finished my wood board from the first class either...I have it up on my shelf waiting for a free moment.
    I did buy more necessary supplies for the soldering that I would need to here at home so that is on the list too.
    Anyway, just wanted you to know I stopped by!


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