Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little bits of Art

While I am on the subject of this past Christmas, I'm going to post these pictures of the ATC's I made just this last December for  a Swap. The Swap theme was Santa and Angel. I made only one Santa ATC because I had only one Santa face to work with. But I had more little ladies to turn into angels, so I made five angel cards. For these cards I started with a watercolor and rubbing alcohol background. Then glued on the paper elements and dimensional touches.  The supply list included watercolors, rubbing alcohol, paper collage, Pure Glitz glitter, microbeads. wire, sequins, and  ribbon. As you can tell, the wings are made from vintage music sheets. I love using these and it seemed perfect to have music elements with angels.  Gluing on the microbeads was a problem, because they stick up and rub off easily. Maybe a different glue??Hmmmm....
I love making them into little hanging decorations, because then they have more than one use. Not just something to hold, but they can be displayed somewhere and enjoyed anywhere.

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